When I'm not hunched over my laptop, I'm most likely hunched over the handle bars of my bike. I combine my love of design and cycling through the conceptualization and execution of my hometown team, Chicago Cuttin Crew, website, trading cards, photo shoots, sponsor packets, and spandex. A personal dream is to continue to combine these worlds and in doing so, to work with socially-conscious brands to inspire and empower women cyclists around the world.


The Chicago Cuttin Crew

The Chicago Cuttin Crew is a group of exceptional riders rooted in the messenger community and urban street racing circuit. They have established their friendships through a unique, shared passion for cycling that has defined their lifestyle. This is my cycling team and in my free time I enjoy designing the jerseys, website, socks, sponsor packets, and anything else to make us shine bright.

Concepted and art directed team photoshoot. Photography by  Chris Dilts    

Concepted and art directed team photoshoot. Photography by Chris Dilts




Bike Messenger Championships

The Cycle Messenger World Championships (CWMC) is the ultimate urban cycling competition. Bike messengers from all around the world gather once a year to race for the title of fastest messenger. It is also a world festival celebrating the messenger culture, as well as an international conference where messengers can share their diverse experiences and work towards improving working conditions in every city. Past CMWC's: Chicago 2012, Warsaw 2011, Guatemala 2010, Tokyo 2009, Toronto 2008, Dublin 2007, Sydney 2006, New York 2005, Edmonton 2004, Seattle 2003, Copenhagen 2002, Budapest 2001, Philadelphia 2000, Zurich 1999

For CMWC Chicago I helped out with a variety of logo, jersey, and poster designs.