Kristen Arnold, Dietitian

Kristen helps individuals and athletic teams improve their health and competitive performance through nutrition. Kristen and I are both cyclists and raced on the same team for a few years. She helped me through nutrition goals that improved my sport performance. At the same time, in order to grow her business and welcome new clients, we began re-thinking her brand. Kristen is vibrant, nerdy, approachable, knowledgable, and passionate. The goal of her brand was to reflect Kristen herself and combine her fitness and nutrition backgrounds into a single logomark.



After discussion of the purpose, objective, tone, and goals of Kristen’s brand, and based on our brainstorming findings, experimentation on logomarks began.

Concept & Exploration


Concept One: Between physical strength and the food we eat—a fist full of greens. Paired with a more playful and approachable typeface, this design feels good, powerful, and ready to take on any food challenge.

Concept Three: Bold hand-drawn organic shapes representing different foods. This identity is friendly, approachable, and wholistic. These shapes could be applied to other brand assets such as pattern and texture backgrounds.

Concept Two: Kristen Arnold eats a lot of meals out of big large bowls.This is an abstract approach to the meal. A bold, modern symbol that would influence a clean and simple design aesthetic. Curved “spoon” and the addition of an “eye” indicating a happy eater, happy meal, balanced and energetic.

Concept Four: Extra experimentation with marks and new business names.




Brand Guidelines Book


Business Cards


Tote Bag

Photos: Taylor Kruse