The 2014 Make It Work Campaign fights for economic security for women, men and families across the country. 


Logo Design & Exploration

Speaking to the past and the present. The logo has energy and movement. The handwritten feel conveys a sense of humanness. This is a modern campaign that needs to appeal to a wide audience, across gender and age, and feel fresh and approachable. We landed on this execution, calling it Strength in Organizing.




Exploration Marks


Brand Application



Website Design

Clean, simple, straightforward with no frills. Appealing to both men and women. Pushing the issues that are important right to the forefront. 



Share Graphics



Make It Work at the Iowa State Fair

The Make It Work Campaign launched a lemonade stand at the Iowa State Fair to draw awareness to unequal pay between men and women. To accompany the stand, magnets and postcards were also handed out to support the message. 

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