Make It Work Campaign

The Make It Work campaign aims to improve women’s economic lives in the United States, to expand the organizing capacity necessary to advance women’s equality, and to update the narrative around women, work, and families. Make It Work seeks to win on key policy issues (including child care, equal pay, paid sick days, paid family leave, and others) that will materially improve the lives of women, men, and families; build significantly more organizing capacity, both online and on the ground; create a campaign reflective of 21st century realities and sensibilities—by developing new spokespeople, narratives, and using culture as an important lever for change; and develop a pipeline of leaders, particularly women of color and low-income women, that will help to make sure that the faces and voices of the women’s movement are representative of the women who are most impacted by these issues, and are representative of the diversity of American women. 

Concept & Exploration

After identifying key stakeholders, collecting and reviewing all relevant materials for the campaign, and building a theory for the case, experimentation based on these findings began with exploration of different concepts. Iterate, assemble, deduct, and consider.


Design & Refinement

Speaking to the past and the present, the logo has energy and movement. The handwritten sign painter feel conveys a sense of humanness and is hard working. This is a modern campaign that needs to appeal to a wide audience, across gender and age, and feel fresh and approachable. This chosen execution and concept is called Strength in Organizing.


Brand Book

Logo guidelines, typography, color, and web assets were developed for the brand moving forward. When new campaign elements are created, this guidebook is a reference to maintain the strong brand presence throughout the years.


Site Design

The goal for the website was to create a clean, simple, and straightforward design with no frills. Pushing the issues that are important right to the forefront. 


Share Graphics

Social media share graphics on topics like equal pay, paid sick days, maternity leave, and affordable child care.


Make It Work at the Iowa State Fair

The campaign launched a lemonade stand at the Iowa State Fair, with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to draw awareness to unequal pay between men and women. To accompany the stand, magnets and postcards were also handed out to support the message. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.57.19 PM.png

 Branding in collaboration with Kate Holloway