From February to May 2011 I worked at the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C. Over those three months our small team concepted, developed, and launched the 2012 Obama re-elect campaign. Following the launch I returned to Chicago. As one of only two original Senior Designers on the campaign, I began with staffing the creative team, working on daily design needs, and executing large site experiences such as the Obama 2012 online merchandise store.


Logo Design & Brand Application

How would the Obama logo evolve for the re-elect campaign? The importance of this assignment weighed heavily on our mouse pads. We developed over 15 different concepts and directions.

Open Movement

This concept uses a custom treated version of Gotham to create the main 2012 logo, with subtle outlined shadows, evoking a letterpress or Linotype machine. The mark is friendly and open, and has a distinct and memorable look.