Barack Obama Online Store

The campaign store was home to all Obama merchandise designed by the team. Thousands of people would visit the site daily to get their bumper stickers, placards, buttons, dog scarfs, or favorite t-shirts. For the initial design I consulted with Threadless to get some insights into online store design. The site had to be easily navigable and drive the user to purchase, thus raising millions of dollars for the campaign. Through testing of the site and sales we would constantly optimize and update. Our product images were shot on the fly in a small room next to the design area, and usually worn by ourselves or other campaigners. When time allowed, we'd venture out of headquarters and have mini photoshoots in a park nearby. 



Homepage with Promotion


Product Page


 Email graphics for various online store promotions


We often needed to get the word out about a new merchandise item within minutes of its arrival. We would share images like this on social media or through email. I would throw together a quick scene with the product and other items, textures, or props that felt right.