Upworthy is a digital media company that shares empowering stories on social media. Upworthy calls itself “social media with a mission,” and it has made good on its promise “to prove that what’s important can be incredibly popular, even if what’s popular isn’t usually important.” The company was co-founded by Eli Pariser, a former leader of, and Peter Koechley, a viral video producer and former managing editor of The Onion. Upworthy initially helped curate and surface existing stories with a positive impact, an approach that was so successful Fast Company called Upworthy the “fastest growing media site of all time,” and then in 2015 began producing engaging content of its own. To celebrate their first anniversary, Upworthy hosted an event for all their greatest supporters. A moment to brag about their massive growth, their philosophy, and some of their most impactful nuggets of things that matter. In order to impress their audience and gain new support for the years to come, I created a 12-piece printed illustrated poster series to convey their key points and knock the socks off the guests and potential donors. At the end of the night some of the posters mysteriously went missing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.32.14 PM.png

Staff Retreat

In addition to having great supporters, Upworthy has great employees. The Upworthy team headed to the woods for some bonding and wanted to give their staff members a custom t-shirt to remember all the good times. This was a fun project resulting in over 15 designs from brand heavy to random fun. Also included in the goodie bag were some stickers with Upworthy philosophies.


The Most Epic Email Graphic Ever Made

Creating a stunning email marketing campaign was at the top of the list and I was able to experiment with Upworthy to see what would work and grab the attention of subscribers.