The Homestretch Foundation

This past winter I spent 2 months training in Arizona and living at the Homestretch Foundation. Check out what goes on there, and consider getting involved—because only together do we ALL move forward. We will keep talking about the inequalities in cycling until it is no longer an issue.

On the Road

I'm currently traveling for the 2017 road racing season with my new team, Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes

Follow my professional cycling career on Strava

So far in 2017 I've raced in: Tucson, AZ, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Canada

Daphne in California at team training camp 2017

Daphne in California at team training camp 2017

Magic + Might

Currently helping out at Magic + Might exploring new digital and physical experiences in vehicles.

From buttons and knobs to icons and displays, designing both physical and digital interfaces for cars of today and tomorrow. Conceptual storytelling to paint a picture of how environmental, social and political change could alter the future driving landscape.

New Work

Snapshot of a few new projects

Foxwell Digital Download branding project!

Jeff & Devorah Wedding invite: OUTTAKE! Having fun with patterns! Check out the wedding section on the site for more ideas.

Chicago Women's Elite Cycling has kicked off our second season of racing and developing new cyclists. I continue to design for the non-profit daily. More updates are coming soon, but take a look at some of the work coming out of the program.


After returning from 2 weeks of training in Arizona, I have started freelancing at Leo Burnett, Dept. of Design. It has been nice to reunite with past co-workers and friends, and work on some great branding projects.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.45.16 PM.png

Chicago Athlete

This month I am featured in the Chicago Athlete Magazine talking about Chicago Women's Elite Cycling. Pick one up and check it out!

167 N Racine

Working from home is great, don't get me wrong. But sometimes you need a little human interaction. The cats just weren't talking back or giving constructive design feedback. And with a new year, and many new life changes, it was time to switch it up.

I'm really excited to be working out of Studio 424, a badass, super talented, design agency that beats to their own drum and has more belly laughs daily than I can keep track. I feel very lucky to be in their presence and am feeling more inspired and creative than ever.

Chicago Women's Elite Cycling

I've been working hard on developing a new program for women cyclists in Chicago! It's been a labor of love, and a ton of work that never really feels like work. I wish it could be my full-time job. We've been active with a press release  in early January, followed by a town hall meeting with the community. Of course I want to bring good design to whatever I am involved in, even if time is limited, I'll always try my best. At our town hall meeting I heard lots of feedback from participants saying we were very organized and professional. That we looked like we knew what we were doing. Well folks, 1) we do know what we are doing, and 2) good design helps. I'm looking forward to all the places CWEC will go, and eagerly anticipating a fun 2015 road season with new teammates and new races. 

Please visit the website at and give if you support the advancement of Chicago Women's Cycling.

Twitter @chiwomenselite     Instagram @chiwomenselite


I'm in Mexico for a week. Putting things on hold to enjoy some family time and sunshine. When I return it's time to start training for the next road racing season and really hunker down for the winter. Hopefully I'll start some exciting new projects with exciting new clients!

Here's to not worrying about how many PTO days I have left..

Gabe Galloway

I asked Gabe to take some "professional photos" that I can use for bios and stuff. He really has an eye...





As the chill moves in I'm really missing those hot days on the bike. My tan lines will last throughout winter and remind me of the great times. 


Photo by Gabe Galloway,

Sadie Hawkins

Happy to be organizing the 9th Annual Sadie Hawkins Day Style Ride this year! I've been working on the website and a t-shirt design that will hopefully get many donation dollars to the Chicago Women's Health Center. CWHC facilitates the empowerment of women and trans people by providing access to health care and health education in a respectful environment where people pay what they can afford. I'm in support of a world in which all people have access to comprehensive, affordable, and sensitive health care. If you are too, please consider donating and get a free t-shirt!


Visit to Madison

Last weekend I was in Madison, WI to visit some best buds over at Foxwell Digital and meet up with a client. MADISON IS SO GREAT. Immediately everything slowed down and felt very relaxing.

Andrew with his morning cup of joe

Andrew with his morning cup of joe


Took this photo at the Omaha Zoo this past weekend. I want to make a wallpaper pattern of this!


This past weekend I won $300 racing my bike.