Saw this on a walk today. In my current situation it made me think about the student loan debt that my generation is strapped under. How sometimes we can't take the steps that we want to because of the financial fear. I'd just like to be free of it. 

Day One

Today was the first day away from the 9-5 desk.

Things I learned:

  • Do not give a tube of sunscreen to a 5 year old at the playground.

  • Wake up early and spend an hour in the garden, it really sets the tone for a good day.

  • Go with the flow. No need to plan out the entire day. See what comes your way.

  • Do not be convinced to watch Jurassic Park II. It will be just as bad as the first time you watched it.


Really excited to be yolo-ing. Do you need some design work? Let's chat! 

daphneak [at] gmail.com

Roadtrip to Paris

After the launch of La Course, Marianne Vos and her friends sat down and came up with a plan. They are going to cycle to Paris and cheer her on! Starting on July 23rd in Utrecht and finishing on July 26 in Paris, the 550km trip will pass through Holland, Belgium, and France. Once in Paris they will soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the city and await the arrival of the Tour de France and of course the first ever edition of La Course. 

Vos and her friends have invited 35 other women from around the world to join the Roadtrip to Paris. I am honored and so excited to have been selected and heading to Utrecht, Netherlands on July 21. Not only will I get to witness the first edition of La Course (and the end of the Tour de France..), but I will return to Chicago with training tips and advice from Marianne Vos herself—so make sure to pick my brain when I gets back!

A special thanks to T S H for helping make this trip possible, and continuing to give a face to women's cycling. Be sure to follow @tsh_women on Instagram for updates during the trip!

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Universal Sports will be airing La Course LIVE on July 27th.

New Photos

Developed some new photos over the weekend. Very excited about these!